Firebombed: Pizzeria Owned by Family of Mobster Slain by Rizzuto

Gallo finally got Rizzuto's message.
The reported that a small pizzeria and bakery was firebombed this morning. Because it is owned by the family of Moreno Gallo, who was shot dead last November while dining in Acapulco, Mexico (on Vito Rizzuto's orders, as many believe), it's probably more than a random act of violence.

Gallo was 68 when he was killed, in what was believed to be "a settling of accounts by Vito Rizzuto, former head of the Montreal  Mafia."

As for the firebombing, Montreal police received a call at 3:15 a.m. A man was seen leaving the area around Pizza Motta, located on the corner of Henri-Julien Ave. and Mozart E. Ave., just as the fire began. A Molotov cocktail was the apparent cause, as one was found at the scene.

Gallo was once part of Rizzuto’s inner circle, handling money and settling disputes over drug territory. He can be seen on video handing out stacks of cash, which Nick Rizzuto would shove into his socks. Vito was in prison at the time.

Gallo reportedly sided with a group that was attempting to mount a challenge for control of the Montreal Mafia. The group resulted from an alliance formed when Joseph Di Maulo and brother-in-law Raynald Desjardins joined Salvatore "Sal the Ironworker" Montagna, a former Sicilian who briefly served as acting boss of the Bonanno family before being kicked out of the U.S. and settling in Canada.

However, the alliance quickly fractured when Desjardins and Di Maulo had a falling-out with Montagna.

On Nov. 24, 2011, Montagna was slain near the residence of another mobster. Desjardins and three associates are currently in prison awaiting trial on charges of killing Montagna.

Gallo joins a lost of about a half-dozen others killed gangland-style, following Rizzuto’s release.

Gallo’s wife, Ada, opened the popular bakery in the 1970s while Gallo was serving a life sentence for killing a drug dealer. On his release, he was also involved with the bakery.

Vito Rizzuto died about a month later, shortly before Christmas.


  1. Ed, does this mean that the rizzuto family has chosen a new boss since they are making big moves now?

  2. for sure the rizzuto's have chose someone to take over!!!!!!

  3. Domenico Manno has taken over since Vito's death. Manno is Vito's uncle, 81 this year, and just got out of Federal prison in Fort Dix, N.J. In December '12 after 17 years. Manno's father was a boss in Sicily years ago. Considered "old school" Manno will be continuing forward with Vito's agendas as Manno was handed the play book as Vito knew his illness was serious and his death forthcoming. Manno is a no nonsense guy that won't hesitate to enforce his reign and power. Look for more killings in the Toronto area ordered by Manno.


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