Why's There No Ndrangheta in the US?

Been waiting for a couple of books, one of which arrived yesterday. Found a missing piece in my research of Canada. Will post story soon; hopefully I'll get the other book today.... Something else I wonder about: Is the Sixth Family still the Sixth Family, since Vito dropped dead on us? 

Organized crime is much more complicated in Canada than in the U.S., which makes me wonder if there was an underworld war we don't know about.

Why did the Calabrians find a home alongside Cosa Nostra in Canada, but not in the U.S.? Did they try to establish one here as well? A commentator, in an entirely different context, mentioned Anastasia and Costello in one message. What do the two have in common?

Is there a giant piece missing in known history of Cosa Nostra in the U.S.?

That one will be much more difficult to research and write. Thinking out loud....

Anyway, you might want to read this (it's not related to the above digression, I should add)....

Italian mafia suspected in shooting of Monaco heiress - English - ANSA.it: "(ANSA) - Paris, May 7 - The elderly heiress of a real-estate dynasty based in Monaco on Wednesday remained in serious condition after being ambushed by gunfire outside a hospital in Nice late Tuesday.     Investigators suspect Italy's powerful 'Ndrangheta mafia, the country's most lucrative and international organized-crime group, may be behind the attack. "Even if for the moment the investigators are not favoring one lead over another, the Italian mafia could be at the root of this attack," wrote French news site LeFigaro.it.     "Counterintelligence deems the 'threat' serious, evoking suspicions of infiltration by the Calabrian mafia from Ventimiglia," the news source wrote, speaking of a town that lies on the coastal border between France and Italy.     Helene Pastor, 77, was shot in her car at the exit of the parking lot of the L'Archet Hospital in Nice, where she had gone to visit her hospitalized son.     Pastor and her driver were both seriously injured in the shooting."


  1. May I refer you to arrests made in February of this year.....Ndrangheta member Raffaelle Valente who formed a Ndrangheta cell in Brooklyn was arrested along side Frank Lupoi a Gambino associate and Charlie Centaro a Bonanno associate.


  2. It would be extremely foolish to believe that with a huge global enterprise like the Ndrangheta that they don't have any people here in the states. Didn't you read the article about the Ndrangheta teaming up with the Gambino family for drug trafficking? That's just the tip of the iceberg, I believe. I believe they are here, and I also believe that the Camorra has a presence in the US as well. In fact there were 2 Camorra members busted in New Jersey years ago who were sending money back home to the Licciardi clan of Naples.

    1. Thanks, I'm aware of the recent cases, have written about them. I am talking about the last century. Was there a previous attempt to establish a parallel organization back in say the 1930s. Anastasia and Costello were both Calabrians, but Don Vito was from outside Naples...just wondering is all...

  3. do the american made guys or rizzuto cell of lcn guys refer to the camorra guys as friends of ours if there discussing whatever?

    1. No. The Camorra of today isn't one organization like the Ndrangheta or Cosa Nostra. It is made up of independent clans who pretty much do whatever they want some may have an initiation ritual some may not. Thinking the Camorra of today is similar organizationally to umbrella organizations like Ndrangheta or Cosa Nostra is wrong.

    2. Vito "lost" Ontario because his representative there was slain by a Calabrian clan. Vito's rep was not made and had killed 2 members of the clan on his own authority, without asking for Vito's approval. The Ndrangheta clan approached Vito with their complaint and asked for his permission to whack his own man, and he had to give it to them. Sicilian or Calabrian, a made member of Cosa Nostra, a Cosa Nostra boss, in fact, allowed the death of an important ally because he was not made and had killed two Ndrangheta members. The bottom line "made" members of either Calabria or Sicily will side with each other before outsiders, even if they are important friends. Ndrangheta makes people like Cosa Nostra does.


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