Busy Week in Eastern District Court for Mafioso, Ex-Mob Wife

Richard Godkin, pictured, and partner John
D'Agnese were murdered in 1981 over spilled drink.
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A slew of high-level mobsters and one mob wife will be in Brooklyn Federal Court this week for various reasons, including sentencing, plea bargains and conferences.

Bartolomeo "Bobby" Vernace is slated to be sentenced tomorrow morning by the Honorable Sandra Townes. The prognosis is life in prison for the Gambino capo who refused to cop to a lesser charge that included a 12-year sentence.

A Sicilian tight with the Gambino family's Sicilian bosses, Bobby Glassses just shrugged when he was convicted in April 2013 for the double murder of two Queens bar owners in 1981. He beat a state murder rap in 1998 for killing Richard Godkin and John D’Agnese. The cause of the killings: a drink accidentally spilled on the dress of Gambino mobster Frank Riccardi’s girlfriend in the Shamrock Bar on Jamaica Ave.

Riccardi was tried separately in state court and acquitted. He died in 2007. A state indictment against the third alleged gunman, Ronald "Ronnie the Jew" Barlin, was dismissed in 1981.

According to the NY Daily News: "Those prosecutions were hindered by lack of cooperation from two key witnesses — Linda Gotti, the niece of the late Mafia boss John Gotti, and bartender Joseph Patrick Sullivan. After the passage of three decades, both were finally ready to tell the truth, but only Sullivan took the stand, and his haunting testimony about his fear of the mob sealed Vernace’s fate. Law enforcement sources said Vernace rejected a plea deal calling for only 12 years in prison. He reconsidered on the eve of the trial, but the deal was off the table."

Remember the Lufthansa thing? Bonanno acting boss Thomas DiFiore and capo Vincent Asaro, along with others will be in court Wednesday for a status conference with the Honorable Allyne Ross presiding.

Theodore "Teddy" Persico is up for sentencing on Thursday at noon; he previously accepted a plea deal for conspiracy for the 1993 murder of Joseph Scopo. Sentencing guidelines allow for 12 years and as he will be facing Judge Sandra Townes, it is likely he won't get less.

Plaintiffs in the Ndrangheta-American Cosa Nostra drug smuggling case -- Raffaele “Lello” Valente, Gambino associate Franco Lupoi, Bonanno associate Charles “Charlie Pepsi” Centaro, as well as Dominic Ali, Alexander Chan and Christos Fasarakis, of Brooklyn, and Jose Alfredo “Freddy” Garcia of New York City -- are up for a plea hearing on Thursday before Judge Robert Levy.

Alicia DiMichele will be probably be downing some Xanax this week as she readies for a status conference slated for Friday morning with the Honorable Sandra Townes. This follows DiMichele's switching of her plea to innocent from guilty after Judge Townes made clear her intentions to nail the former star of "Mob Wives" with the maximum in fines and restitution for milking a union pension fund. For further reading, see DiMichele's 'Mob Wives' Salary Revealed by ProsecutorsBull Victim's Son Prompts 'Mob Wives' Reboot: Karen Gravano and DiMichelle To Face Tough Judge on Sentencing Day.


  1. Justice Townes is one tough lady on these mob trials, and shouldn't mr bobby glasses have double jepordy?

    1. There's ways around double jeopardy with fed and state law; this happens all the time...

  2. Not looking good for the Bonanno associates....they cant not get their cases separated from Vinnie Asaro.....it is going to be hard for the jury....to decipher from who did what....and when and where......I think they are all looking at time....

  3. Mob Wives? Oofah!

  4. Judge Sandra Townes hates mobsters and is never gives them a fair shake, she is a hateful person and should be excused from mob cases

    1. Then may be these guys should find another profession. Is she state or federal been in front of both if your a career criminal your gonna get the higher end of the guidelines . People are pretty much tired of this thimg of ours.

    2. Federal -- Sandra Townes, I've written a lot about her since she sentenced BF Guerra; she's the one who had the little kid tossed out of the courtroom; feds thought he was creating too much sympathy and complained to her.

  5. I thought I read that Bobby Glasses was going to win on appeal on this case for some reason or another???

  6. I believe the Bonanno family solider is going to come to a plea arrangement tomorrow instead of going to trail....

  7. If anybody gets a plea deal do they have to admit to all the crimes they've committed?

    1. Ur lawyer and prosecutor come up with number of yrs ur willing to do for what u been charged with and u admitting guilt to them charges only or u take a shot at trial where ur time for that crime can be much higher

    2. Most of the time ur plea deal or plea bargain is a admition of guilt to a lesser charge. and lesser time served ^^^see one above also your not ratting but they will ask u too


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