We're Going Through Changes; Excuse Any Hiccups

REVISED, JUST MORE B.S.: I am working on a new story -- one of those longer ones that takes time, about a small group of mobsters that called themselves the Combination. (Sorry to my friend who begs to differ with me on this. There was a group and it called itself the Combination.)

Plus I know I have some follow-ups to do, such as Canada and the Don who sued Life Magazine...

But while I work on that I wanted to give Disqus more time to start circulating comments. So please, comment, say anything you want.... I need to make sure everything is showing up immediately after posted... All my comments are....

As some of you may have noticed I'm migrating over to the Disqus platform for your comments. Once again I made it as simple as possible for my readers, basically allowing anyone to comment, including anonymously.

Anyone can comment -- at the very least you need a functional email address, even if you want to comment anonymously. Just type any name (or use Anonymous) but it will ask for a name and email address, at the very least. None of your information, however you comment, is made public except for what you want to be public and the system lets you know.

It basically should be the same as it was in the past, unless it allowed you to comment without an email address; I am not certain.... Again, just make up a gmail account for free if you like. The last thing I want to do is discourage commenting, especially now! I am soon going to get a new gadget once the new comment system is running for a while.

The whole point of this is to keep the site free while maybe I can get reimbursed for buying some domain names, etc. I am not, believe, getting rich off this thing (though, God it would be nice!!!)


And: Please, if you like this blog -- comment as widely and as often as possible!!!!

You have no idea the power you have. Why did Michael choose this blog? Because of you, my readers....

You're the people he wants to speak to...

I shared privileged data with him, first off, to show him how many of you there are. He didn't come here because of me... He decided he owed it to history to allow this forum, which I must say I have never before seen the likes of... A former mobster will answer questions and discuss topics about which he's never spoken of regarding his departure from Cosa Nostra, "the biggest gang in the world," as he called it.

We are working on putting together a test run of the webcast with Michael. Those of you who get my newsletter already know about this. Those of you "non-Newsletter folk" who want in on the test, leave a comment.

Maybe we could start working on the questions collectively to avoid later overlap.

I'll start off with a couple:

Michael, did you ever have to testify or otherwise give information when you left the mob?

Why was Champagne Larry Carozza really killed? Was it over "gasoline?"



  1. Ed what do I have to do to take part in this? I would like to see what he knows about the history of the Colombos?

  2. Yes, I believe they have. Gotti is one mobster other mobsters likely will never forget; they'd probably hang his picture inside social clubs, if they still had clubs, as a reminder of what he unknowingly taught them. Be humble, don't antagonize the law and know your place... I can't think of any mob guys on the street who have a public image at all, let alone one like Gotti's....

  3. Funzi -- I'll keep you updated; your comment seems to be stuck in the hopper for some reason!

  4. Ed what do I have to do to take part in this? I would like to see what he knows about the history of the Colombos? --Funzi

  5. I have one for him. When you took the oath, you swear, (in a kind of religious cerememony) to honor your Family and friends. Now, you found religious. How can you be sure you won´t abandon Jesus just like you abandon your Friends?

  6. Good info on hear, would like read more about Don Cefalu. Cant find much

  7. I was going mad trying to find out why your comment didn't post in the top story, when I realized why....look at the email address you used! is that really one of your email addresses? Disqus won't let it through......

  8. Something looks screwy....did anyone comment on this story -- but your comment never showed up? It's supposed to show up in real time -- if you notice it doesn't please email me at the above address--or repost your comment. There may be FOUR comments missing... Disqus should be 100% installed now so I just want to make sure all comments are showing up.... thanks....

  9. No it's def not my email address. I always try to give the least amount of info possible. Not enjoying having to put in an email address every time.

  10. this is well done.....Great job

  11. Did you comment as a guest? Let me look into this. Certain commenters like you Funz, I REALLY NEED. Please meet me halfway....you can set up a free gmail account just for this if you want. Hello, I'll get you an email address.... but look above, you'll see no one has access to your email. All blogs that know what they're doing will do this eventually...

  12. I exactly going to ask him about all this....can't wait to talk to him. If the Franzese webcast is successful I will seek to do with others, maybe Dickie even....

  13. Old School, you just sign on as a guest; you just need to enter your email address, while will not be revealed. Email me if you want to discuss. I have other ways to assist. I need you, I don't want to lose any of my commenters so please email me before you say, the bell with this.....Please!

  14. Did you search the blog ? Type Cefalu into my search engine....

  15. A ed will give it a shot hope this new system works out for u

  16. So do I. Cause if it doesn't I'm pulling the plug. I'm trying to make this thing cost effective, otherwise what's the point. Eats up too much of my time and I get little to nothing in return.

  17. Thanks stranger! ;-) if you go to my tabs up top and click YouTube link you can see a collection of videos from this site....no dirty ones though!!!

  18. Ed no prob. I will comment as usual.


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